Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Time for a Change

"When the pain of being the same becomes greater than the pain of being different, you change."   - Deepak Chopra

'The idea of Zen is to catch life as it flows' - D.T. Suzuki

"The most ancient traveler in the universe is love." - Swami Rama

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5 scenarios for Donald Trump's presidency:

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The : 6 Steps for Integrating Leadership and Strategy, by Harbir Singh &

"Opportunity is not always at an opportune time."

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American in Japan, 1890

Three archers practicing Kyudo in Japan, the Japanese way of the bow, circa 1890.

Motorcycle chariot race, Australia 1936

This truck shaped like a coffee pot was used to promote Gevalia coffee in Sweden, 1950

A crowd gathers around the first car radio in NYC, 1923.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris, 1947 by René-Jacques

God gave me this illness to remind me that I am not the greatest, He is. - Muhammad Ali

The first lesbian and gay rights demonstration in Canada happened on Parliament Hill. 
August 28, 1971.

Sunset over Manhattan

Cloudy sky over Paris

10 curiosidades sobre el Museo del Louvre
Photo published for 10 curiosidades sobre el Museo del Louvre

'There is so much grey to every story: nothing is so black and white' "The Hours" ~ Philip Glass
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Dreamy portraits of redheads paired with a fiery fox by

  • The : 6 Steps for Integrating Leadership and Strategy, by Harbir Singh &

  • Leadership is a quality that you can teach yourself

  • Nasdaq hits record intraday high as Wall Street rises with oil prices:
  • Business Insider@businessinsider 
    The contradiction with Trump's plan to secure the border and undermine Mexican auto industry

  • Recent Study of Physician Political Bias Shows Importance of Firearm Owners’ Privacy Act

  • A few things Trump could do to unite us (if he really wanted to):

  • Ram Charan has been involved in CEO successions for more than 3 decades. Here are his insights.
  • "The whole secret of the study of nature lies in learning how to use one's eyes." -George Sand Photo:©Don Worth "Coleus" San Francisco 1983

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    I can vouch: Monsanto tried to make life miserable but they hired PR imbeciles who didn't know I was independent.
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  • for one of the biggest bird conservation success stories in Australia’s history: Just two years...

  • The world's fastest-growing smartphone market could become a manufacturing hub
  • Trump's infrastructure plan: "basically fraudulent...would enrich a few well-connected people at taxpayers’ expense"
  • $200 billion that's hoarded overseas will return ... but mostly to buy back shares
  • What is 'remote control healing'? We are at Café Scientifique in London talking to Prof Alicia El Haj:

  • "Nouvel attentat déjoué" : certains membres du réseau soupçonnés d'avoir séjourné en Syrie
  • Trump voters confident he will do right thing on issues; Clinton voters are not

  •  As if you were on fire from within The moon lives in the lining of your skin ~ Pablo Nevada

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    Is robbing taxpayers blind really the best way to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN?
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  • caused many to think deeply about the future. youth tell us what matters to them:

  • Psychiatry Professor: 'Transgenderism' Is Mass Hysteria Similar - The Federalist

  • When can't carry on ... force yourself to keep on going. Most success is based on persistence. [Pic via ]

  • Trump says Marine general James 'Mad Dog' Mattis could be defense secretary:

  • explains why Franz Liszt can be regarded as THE greatest musician of the 19th century.

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    probably won't waterboard white Protestant GOP citizens so no worry.
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  • A collection of BBC readings and interviews with the great Irish author William Trevor, who has died aged 88:

  • Distraction proud to be partnering w . Hear from Dr. Carol Locke again on Tuesday's episode.

  • 's rebellion begins in yesterday's revealing episode. Our recap

  • Nibbana is giving up, letting go, and being free.

  • "Will your savings be large enough to do so, or will you need to rework your retirement plans?"

  • Poem by Carl Andre (from the Chinati Foundation) with post election advice for us

  • Flight attendants share 11 of their favorite travel hacks
  • American painter Franz Kline (b.1910 d.1962)
  • Wall Street Journal to Trump: Liquidate your holdings


  • "One touch of nature makes the whole world kin." Ph: ©Michael Kenna Pine Trees, Study 3 Wolcheon, Gangwondo South Korea 2011

  • Mosque 'vandalized' with supportive messages from Muslim allies
  • Facebook will hire 500 new staff in London, which it backs as an important technology hub
    Facebook "really excited" about growth in Britain
    Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook's vice president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, explains why the company is hiring another 500 people in London.
  • MAX IM A KOOPA@meakoopa 
    Ethical Journalism Style Guide: "identity politics" are civil rights. "alt-right" are neo-nazis. peaceful protests do not "clash" w police.

  • Ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy concedes in French primary



  • Trump doesn’t get the idea of people being citizens. To him, they’re either fans or enemies.

  • Britain ‘cheerleader’ for Bahrain’s ‘woefully inadequate’ human rights reforms – Amnesty
  • Billionaire Harold Hamm got $1.7 billion richer last week:
  • Inspiring! San Diego pushing forward in plan to become largest US city to run on energy! Positive change!
  • Our friends share how we can convey current events to children.
  • One tip: Focus on those working together:

    1. Today’s complex health challenges can no longer be addressed by the health sector acting alone
  • Abundant evidence shows that educated girls and mothers have the healthiest families

    Green energy reduces millions of deaths from respiratory + cardiovascular disease associated with .

    1. Is Susan another Matt Drudge????
  • Don't Let EPA Get Trumped By Climate Denial: Tell Pres-Elect Trump to put someone in charge who respects science
  • "The most ancient traveler in the universe is love." - Swami Rama
  • congrats on your nomination! Would to hear how your team is an . More info:

  • ACLU National Retweeted The Hill
    Torture violates the Constitution and international law. That torturing people again is even on the agenda is an abomination.
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  • 'The idea of Zen is to catch life as it flows' - D.T. Suzuki


  • "When the pain of being the same becomes greater than the pain of being different, you change." ~ Deepak Chopra

  • This critique of fake election news is a must-read for all democracy lovers

  • Trump prepares to fill out security, economy teams

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  • Fiber is more important than you think.
  • This guy created his own country, then got kicked out of it:

  • The election of Donald Trump was meant to be good for gold but investors have been wrongfooted

  • Why the country is having a big debate about empathy after Donald Trump’s election

  • BuzzFeed wants to sell you stuff

  • Loads of Britain’s most well-known laws are never enforced.

  • Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is under “active consideration” to be secretary of state

  • Back in NYC, a parade of meetings at Trump Tower

  • Apple released a weird and heart-warming Christmas ad starring Frankenstein's monster

  • © Muge The woman in the fog 2008

    1. by Raymond Depardon Central Park, New York City

  • Quartz@qz
    Ivanka isn’t the only reason these photos of Trump meeting Abe are problematic

  • You wouldn’t want to get caught between these 2! Rank is hugely important in male society & pushing bouts a favourite past time.
  • Professor who called Trump election now predicts impeachment via

  • How do we fight the loudmouth politics of authoritarian populism? | Paul Mason

  • Learn more about the campaign and ways to join in on the conversation

  • Ditch Harmful Fertilizers For This Cheap and Organic Source of Nitrogen.

  • Changing attitudes towards rape victims should be prioritised over extending anonymity to defendants
  • As the U.S. turns on immigrants, one Latin American country is keeping its door open

  • Children need to know how to survive disappointment. Picking yourself up off the floor is an important skill to share.

  • Execs and anchors from the country's 5 big TV networks are set to meet with Donald Trump at Trump Tower Monday:

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    Maybe all leaves are actually spiders.
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  • Another study finds tight glycemic control is not beneficial for frail elderly.

  • 1912 Antique Print Ski. Skiing and sledding. Winter sports… 'SOffice